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The Hilton Central School District is a destination district in this region as many families choose this community to live in due to the quality of education children receive. The Hilton School District has been nationally and regionally recognized for its instructional programs and outstanding faculty. Staff and students have received accolades for their academic, musical and athletic achievements. Hilton High School was named to  US News & World Report's List of Top High Schools. Merton Williams Middle School has been named an "Essential Elements Schools to Watch" by the NYS Education Department; the Hilton School District's Music Program was designated NAMM "Best Community for Music Education" and was a finalist in the GRAMMY Signature School program. Hilton students are offered a wide and varied opportunities in The Arts and Hilton Cadet Sports.

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB)?

The Hilton School District offers the IB Diploma Programme at Hilton High School; IB Middle Years Programme at Northwood and Village Elementary Schools, Merton Williams Middle School and Hilton High School; and IB Primary Years Program at Quest Elementary School. A K-6 elementary school-of-choice, Quest Elementary School accepts Hilton CSD children regardless of where they reside within the district.

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Hilton Central High School
400 East Avenue
Hilton, NY 14468
HS Main office: 585-392-1000 ext. 2409
FAX 585-392-1052
1,403 students in Gr. 9-12
Principal  Brian Bartalo - 585-392-1000 ext. 2021

Assistant Principal David Leahy - 585-392-1000 ext. 2243
Assistant Principal Erin Schneider - 585-392-1000 ext. 2205
Assistant Principal Marc D'Amico - 585-392-1000 ext. 2300
Guidance Office 585-392-1000 ext. 2240
Athletic Director Michael Giruzzi 585-392-1000 ext. 2135

Attendance 585-392-1000 ext. 2246
Health Office 585-392-1000 ext. 2247
Staff Directory
Hilton High School has an enrollment of 1,524 students.  The High School offers juniors and seniors an International Baccalaureate Diploma, a rigorous academic program of study.  Hilton High School made Newsweek's List of Top Schools.   All courses available are listed in the High School's Program of Studies catalogue available from High School Counseling Services: 585-392-1000 ext. 2240.
Hilton High School students distinguish themselves in many areas including publishing a literary magazine; graphic design and art; Music in Our Schools; web publishing; video production "The Wave"; drama, holding musicals and a senior play every year; the Crimson Cadets Marching Band; pre-engineering; videography and photography; Model United Nations Club and Conferences and the exceptional High School Library/Media Center. High School students may attend the WEMOCO Career and Technical Center which is located in nearby Spencerport.  Hilton Cadets Interscholastic Sports have fall, winter and spring sports for boys and girls beginning in the seventh grade. Tours of the school may be arranged by calling the Main Office during school days from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 585-392-1000 ext. 2409.

Merton Williams Middle School
200 School Lane
Hilton, NY 14468
MW Main Office: 585-392-1000 ext. 3098
FAX 585-392-1054
729 students Gr. 7-8
Principal Tracie Czebatol - 585-392-1000 ext. 3098
Assistant Principal Michael LeGault  - 585-392-1000 ext. 3097
Attendance/Health Office  585-392-1000 ext. 3151

Staff Directory
Welcome to Merton Williams Middle School which 764 students call home everyday. Principal Tracie Czebatol, Assistant Principal Michael LeGault and the entire staff welcome your questions and comments. An annual Parent Visitation Day in the fall allows parents to follow their child's class schedule, meet with school counselors and find out more about Merton Williams. Tours of the school may be arranged by calling the Main Office during school days from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 585-392-1000 ext. 3191.  Aquatic Center is located at Merton Williams Middle School.


Northwood Elementary School
433 No. Greece Rd., Hilton, NY 14468
NW Main Office: 585-392-1000 ext. 4526
FAX 585-392-1026
847 students in Gr. K-6
Principal Kirk Ashton - 585-392-1000 ext. 4523
Asst. Principal Kelley O'Connell - ext.4522
Attendance/Health Office 585-392-1000 ext. 4601 or ext. 4512
Staff Directory

The Northwood Elementary School [enrollment ~875] invites parents to learn more about the school's academic program and its activities for students including Band, Chorus, Math 24 Club, Chess Club, Student Council, Peer Mediation, Art Club, Reading Buddies, Game Factory and Safety Patrol. For more about the school library: Northwood Library/Media Center.   A Parent/Student Handbook is available at Northwood by calling the main office at 585-392-1000 ext. 4517. 


Quest Elementary School
225 West Ave.Hilton, NY 14468
QUEST Main Office: 585-392-1000 ext. 6100
FAX 585-392-1065
438 students in Gr. K-6
Principal Renee Mulrooney - 585-392-1000 ext. 6101
IB Coordinator Andrea Geglia - 585-392-1000 ext. 6119
Attendance/Health Office 392-1000 ext. 6155 or ext. 6153

Staff Directory

The Quest Elementary School provides many hands-on learning experiences in a cooperative, enriching environment. All Hilton District students are eligible to attend Quest Elementary, but applications are required. Quest International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program  Quest Elementary School applications are due in late February  - including kindergarten.  A multi-age school of choice, Quest Elementary School's smaller student population, about 400 pupils, is a mix of students representing the district profile including special education.  Quest Elementary Library Media Center   To request further information and tour of the school, please call the school during school days at 585-392-1000 ext. 6101.


Village Elementary School
100 School Lane, Hilton, NY 14468
VE Main Office: 585-392-1000 ext. 5197
FAX 585-392-1012
Gr. K-6 School
945 students in Gr. K-6
Principal Benjamin Rudd 585-392-1000 ext. 5101
Assistant Principal Brian Lumb 585-392-1000 ext. 5102
Attendance/Health Office: 392-1000 ext. 5199/5104
Staff Directory
The Village Elementary School has an enrollment of ~1,000 pupils.  The school has a full-time and part-time staff of over 80 professionals. A child-centered school, the Village uses a variety of formats to organize students in the classrooms for learning including the traditional self-contained classroom; cooperative teams of two teachers at the same grade level; and cooperative pairs of teachers who keep their children for two years a practice termed looping.  Chorus and Band are part of the school's activities with instrumental music lessons beginning in fourth grade. For more: Village Elementary Library/Media Center  Tours of the school may be arranged by calling the Main Office during school days from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 585-392-1000 ext. 5181.