SUMMER READING for Hilton Students

Reading Lists and Levels In an analysis of comprehension research, 93% of studies found that the amount of time students spent in independent reading is the best predictor of reading achievement. (Krashen, 1993) 

Hilton Hilton High School Gr. 9-12 Summer Independent Reading -- Use Online Form to record your reading
The High School English department has posted the Summer Independent Reading Online Form goal for High School students for summer 2014. The goal for summer reading is for students to read consistently throughout the summer. By recording their reading, students may enter their summer reading goals, answer the questions on the form, thereby becoming increasingly aware of how to read consistently all summer. In the fall, students will be asked to reflect on how successful they were in achieving their goals and share their thoughts about what they’ve read. For further information: Mr. Heise.
Merton Williams Middle School Gr. 7-8
Middle School Summer Reading Assignment
Northwood and Village Elementary Schools Gr. K-6
Young Readers Summer Reading List (Grades K-1)
Young Readers Summer Reading List (Grades 2 and up)  
Middle Years Summer Reading List (Grades 4 and up)
Middle Years Summer Reading List (Grades 6 and up)  
Quest Elementary School Summer Reading Program

Additional recommendations for summer reading
Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program 
WXXI Summer Reading

Village Elementary School Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge  Students in grades 1-6 registered to log minutes reading may report in on the Scholastic Summer Reading site at www.scholastic.com/summer/ 

Summer Math Exploration - K-8

Summer can be an important time for students to explore mathematic topics of interest, to refine the past year’s learning and prepare for the next. Through summer work families can share in activities that support students' growing understanding of mathematics.

For a packet of math exploration ideas for families both on and off the computer, click here.