Parent Contract

The QUEST staff developed this contract that serves not only as a symbolic agreement between the school and the parent, but also as a communication tool that reveals our core values and practices. We have renewed our commitment to this effort and include this in the incoming Kindergarten and new student registration process.



I understand that: QUEST is a multi-age school with a common philosophy. After Kindergarten, each classroom consists of children blended together with a range of ages, and the students stay with that teacher for two years (Kindergarten Primary Elementary Intermediate). Consequently, these classrooms represent an environment more reflective of the real world and offer unique opportunities to our students. We view students as individuals with various instructional strengths, needs and levels instead of viewing them through the lens of a single grade. We refer to the students as either younger or older friends within that 2 year span. In their last year at QUEST, students are called graduates or grads. Students in primary, elementary and intermediate levels have math with their same graded peers, with their classroom one year and his/her math teaching partner the other year.

I understand that: QUEST upholds the same high expectations, standards and guidelines set by the Hilton School District. We follow the same curriculum but deliver it differently. We are an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). We use an inquiry model to explore and expand upon the concepts and knowledge the state expects, through a more global perspective. Students work to acquire and apply skills as they develop intercultural understanding and respect. They develop characteristics and attitudes as learners and are given the opportunity to reflect and take action as a result of their learning. In addition, all students receive instruction in Spanish. For more information, visit or contact Andrea Geglia, PYP Coordinator. I understand that: QUEST has a non-graded reporting system comprising of a 3-way conference and a Portfolio Share; I am expected to attend with my child and support these goals throughout the year. In addition, at the end of the year I will receive a progress report that states to what extent the student is independent for a variety of skills the curriculum demands.

I understand that: Parent involvement is critical to a child’s success in school. QUEST parents are expected and encouraged to be involved in their child’s education in as many ways as possible: by following through on parent actions established at goal setting; by providing educational support at home; by reading and responding to teacher communication; by volunteering in the classroom; by volunteering for special events or projects.

I understand that: QUEST is a partnership between students, teachers, parents, and staff; we are all decision makers. One forum for decision making is the monthly PTSO meetings. To have a voice, I must attend.

I understand that: There are many ways to get information about what is going on at school such as: school and classroom newsletters; the school handbook; parent information meetings held throughout the year; the district and QUEST website; the monthly PTSO meetings; and personal contact with my teacher.

Signed, understood and agreed to by myself and on behalf of my child(ren):