Visitor Information


If you come to QUEST during the day for a visit, conference or special event, please park in the lots provided at the west end of the building. The bus loop must be kept clear at all times for deliveries and emergencies. The Security Desk is located at the main entrance, which is the entrance facing the parking lot. All doors are locked during the school day. Our Youth Assistant, Shari Lesher, oversees the entry of visitors at the Security Desk.


We love having visitors to Quest but do require pre-registration. Every visitor during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. must have pre-arranged his/her visit with the teacher/staff member. In addition, all visitors must have proper photo identification. The staff member will communicate this visit with our youth assistant at the Security Desk or her designee. This procedure applies to all visits, including:

  • visiting your child
  • volunteering in the classroom
  • talking to a staff member
  • having lunch with your child
  • attending Wednesday Afternoon Meeting
  • attending a special event, like the Book Fair or Sled Race.

Prior approval of the teacher (or appropriate staff member- not Mrs. Lesher) will eliminate the possibility of being delayed at the desk or denied entry. Visits only to the pre-approved destination are allowable. Please refrain from drop-in visits to other locations during your visit to Quest. In the event of an emergency, we need to know who is in our building and where they are. Drop-in visits interrupt the flow of classroom instruction and could compromise the safety of our building.

All visitors should bring identification with them when they visit. While Mrs. Lesher may know you by sight, we have other youth assistants manning the desk throughout the day.

Our staff is vigilant about communicating with Mrs. Lesher regarding expected visitors.

Note: In the case of a non-custodial visitor (grandma, cousin) the parent must be the one to arrange this with the teacher.