Hilton Central School District

The Board Clerk's Office is located in the District Offices
225 West Ave. Hilton, NY 14468
Phone: (585)392-1000, ext. 7099 Fax: (585)392-1038 


Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education meetings are generally held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7 p.m. in the Board Room of the District Offices, 225 West Avenue, Hilton, unless otherwise announced.

In accordance with the Open Meetings Law, the Board allows public comment at meetings. To speak at a Board meeting, contact the District clerk prior to the meeting. Regarding any personnel matters, the speaker's comments may not include mentioning any District employee by name. The Board reserves the right to restrict access for a speaker who does not comply with District policies and guidelines.

Official minutes are reviewed and approved prior to posting online. Once approved, minutes and agendas are posted on the District website.


Board of Education Purpose

The purpose of Board of Education meetings is for Board members to consider and approve recommendations by the Superintendent regarding:

  • Policy
  • Curriculum
  • Approval of textbooks
  • Personnel actions (governed by state rulings protecting the confidentiality of appointments, promotions, demotions, dismissal or removal)
  • Budget and financial issues
  • Other matters required by NYS Education Law


Board Memberships:

  • Audit Committee
  • District Improvement Team
  • Fitness & Wellness Committee
  • Learning Through Technology Committee
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • Monroe County School Boards Association
  • New York State School Boards Association
  • Safety Committee

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