Friends of Education

Every school year the Hilton Board of Education honors individuals and organizations in the Hilton school community who have contributed to the education of Hilton students through volunteer or other efforts.


2016 Friends of Education2016 Friends of Education 2016 Friends of Education  

Hilton High School Principal Brian Bartalo recognized parents Peter and Janel Miles for Peter’s involvement in the Breakfast with a Scientist event and Janel’s assistance with various class activities and events; Music Department Chairperson Linda Davis presented the award to Deborah and Daniel Florio for serving as chaperones for music functions and taking the time to record all of the performances for each of the instrumental groups; Athletic Director Michael Giruzzi recognized Laurie Carbone and Lara Coyle for all they have done for the varsity ice hockey program over the past six years; Merton Williams Middle School Principal Tracie Czebatol presented the award to Tammy Haynes for supporting the musical productions by sewing costumes for chorus members; Northwood Elementary School Principal Kirk Ashton recognized Anjelica Russo for being an integral part of VEPTO, the parent-teacher organization; serving as volunteer coordinator; pitching in with many events; and organizing fundraisers, such as the highly successful Spring Fling and BBQ; Village Elementary Principal Ben Rudd recognized Brenda Avedisian for teaching many lessons to students on the process of hatching chickens, such as candling eggs, graphing results and weighing the eggs; and Bobbi Sarnov, a volunteer at Quest Elementary School, was recognized by Principal Renee Mulrooney for dedicating the past 10 years to support Quest by serving on the PTSO in multiple capacities, serving as a valuable contributor to school-wide events and helping in classrooms. The district wide Friends of Education Award was presented by Superintendent Casey Kosiorek to Jennifer Green, parent and Hilton United Methodist Church pastor, for her work in providing a summer backpack program to ensure that students have food when school is not in session.


2015 Friends of Education

Hilton High: Ron Bourret and Steve DeLucia                              
Music Program: Jim Whittemore
Athletic Program: Tony Caraglio
Merton Williams Middle School: Christine Gizzi
Northwood Elementary School: Joan Potter
Quest Elementary School: Karen Reynolds
Village Elementary School: The Old Cruzers
Districtwide: George Kaufman


2014 Friends of Education

Hilton High: Brian Heed                            
Music Program: Doug Wall
Athletic Program: Kim Sile
Merton Williams Middle School: Cheryl Conolly
Northwood Elementary School: Maryanne Chaffee
Quest Elementary School: Peggy Gilbert
Village Elementary School: Deborah Traut

Districtwide: Parma Public Library Staff


2013 Friends of Education

Hilton High: Linda Lovejoy                
Music Program: Pat and Dan VanVleck
Athletic Program: Angela Ruta
Merton Williams Middle School: Kim Francis
Northwood Elementary School: Lynn Spurr and Roberta Bilski
Quest Elementary School: Bridget Skinner
Village Elementary School: Erna Lever

Districtwide: Pastor George Grace


2012 Friends of Education

Hilton High: Richard 'Rick' Alexander           
Music Program: Bob Viavattine
Athletic Program: Jim Branciforte
Merton Williams Middle School: Tonya Melrose
Northwood Elementary School: Bonnie Gargano
Quest Elementary School: Ann Lacey and Kathleen Richard
Village Elementary School: Joann Shearn
Districtwide: John Abbott


2011 Friends of Education

Hilton High: Ana Maria Ban          
Music Program: Sharon Rivais
Athletic Program: Patrick Clark, John Pace and Robert Trowbridge
Merton Williams Middle School: Herve Dauvergne
Northwood Elementary School: Wendy Malsegna
Quest Elementary School: Nancy Pickering
Village Elementary School: Tracy LaFountain and James Maley
Districtwide: Sarisa Zoghlin


2010 Friends of Education

Hilton High: Hilton-Parma Chamber of Commerce
Music Program: Dominic Pettinari
Athletic Program: John Ayers
Merton Williams Middle School: Paul Davis
Northwood Elementary School: Annie Angelucci
Quest Elementary School: Kimie Romeo
Village Elementary School: Don Stilson, Frank Thomas and Marilyn Wright
Districtwide: Sharon Brunett, Cerri Cupples, Ellen Pelkey and James Steiger