Strategic Plan 2017-2022


The Hilton Central School District Strategic Plan for 2017-2022 is our blueprint for achieving our vision of fostering purposeful learning, use of resources and leadership, and preparing our learners for excellence in all aspects of life.

This five-year plan was developed with feedback from Superintendent Casey Kosiorek’s entry plan into the district, along with community and staff observations, supported with both quantitative and qualitative data.

The plan has three overarching areas of focus: Teaching and Learning, People and Systems. Within those three areas are the following goal statements that together will serve as our framework:

  1. All students will be ready for the next phase of their education.
  2. We will perform as an effective and responsive organization.
  3. We will develop organizational systems reinforcing the efficacy of district resources.

This document outlines the specific action steps and success indicators for appropriately-paced work, sustainable implementation and monitored progress. The plan will also help us align the appropriate resources necessary for carrying out this work.

Members of the Board of Education and district administration are committed to implementing this plan over the next five years. The district will keep community members informed of its progress on reaching these goals.


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