Student Absences

  • Please call the Attendance Office every day that your child will be absent from school. Only one call is necessary if you are on vacation and have called ahead with the date(s) that your child will be absent. 

  • Absences will be entered as unexcused any time that a phone call or note following an absence is not received.

  • A written note should be sent to school within three days following any absence. The student can deliver the note to the Health Office. Notes after three days cannot be accepted to change an unexcused absence to an excused absence.

  • Voice mail is available 24 hours a day, so you may leave a message about your child’s late arrival to school due to a medical appointment. Without a note or a phone call to/from a parent, we cannot take a child’s word upon late arrival to school from a medical appointment/illness, and the tardy will be entered as an unexcused tardy to school.

Early dismissals

  • Whenever possible, please send in a note with your child the day of the appointment. In order for the attendance code to be entered properly, the note should state the time you wish to pick up your child and the specific reason for the dismissal.

  • Your child should turn in the note to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning upon their arrival to school at which time he or she will receive a pass to leave the class/building at the specified time. The child is then responsible to leave the class at the specified time and will be able to sign out at the front security desk.

  • For appointments that arise during the day, a parent will have to sign out their child in the Health Office. Please keep in mind that we do not call the student down until a parent is present to sign out their child.