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Policy Series - Table of Contents
Series 0000 - Policy Index print series
Policy Index 00000
Series 1000 - By-Laws print series
By-Laws Index 1000
Board of Education Authority 1110
Number of Members and Terms of Office 1120
Board of Education Members: Qualifications 1210
Board of Education Members: Nomination and Election 1220
Reporting of Expenditures and Contributions 1230
Resignation and Dismissal 1240
Legal Qualifications of Voters at School District Meetings 1250
Submission of Questions and Propositions at Annual Elections and Special District Meetings 1260
Powers and Duties of the Board 1310
Nomination and Election of Board Officers and Duties of The President and Vice President 1320
Appointments and Designations by the Board of Education 1330
Duties of the District Clerk 1331
Appointment and Duties of the Claims Auditor 1332
Duties of the School Physician/Nurse Practitioner 1333
Duties of the School District Treasurer 1334
Duties of the Tax Collector 1335
Duties of the External (Independent) Auditor 1336
Duties of the ExtraClassroom Activities Funds Treasurer(s) 1337
Duties of the Internal Auditor 1338
Policy and Administrative Regulations 1410
Execution of Policy - Administrative Regulations 1420
Regular Board Meetings and Rules (Quorum and Parliamentary Procedure) 1510
Agenda Format 1511
Special Meetings of the Board of Education 1520
Annual District Meeting and Election/Budget Vote 1610
Absentee Ballots 1611
Annual Organizational Meeting 1620
Minutes 1710
Executive Sessions 1720
Communication Between Board of Education Members 1730
Series 2000 - Internal Operations print series
Internal Operations Index 2000
Orienting New Board Members 2110
Use of Parliamentary Procedure 2120
Board Member Training on Financial Oversight, Accountability and Fiduciary Responsibilities 2130
Committees of the Board 2210
Attendance by Board Members at Conferences, Conventions and Workshops 2310
Compensation and Expenses 2320
Series 3000 - Community Relations print series
Community Relations Index 3000
School Sponsored Media 3110
School District Standards and Guidelines for Web Page Publishing 3111
Partnerships Between The District and Community Organizations 3120
Friend of Education Award 3121
Senior Citizens 3130
Flag Display 3140
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the School District 3150
Visitors to the School 3210
School Volunteers 3211
Appearances Before the Board of Education 3220
Public Complaints 3230
Student Participation 3240
Public Sales on School Property 3250
Solicitation of Charitable Donations from School Children 3251
Advertising in the Schools 3252
Soliciting Funds from School Personnel 3253
Booster Clubs 3254
Community Use of School Facilities 3260
Community Use of School Facilities, Materials and Equipment 3261
Operation of Motor-Driven Vehicles on District Property 3270
Animals on School Grounds 3290
Public Access to Records 3310
Confidentiality of Computerized Information 3320
Maintenance of Public Order on School Property 3410
Prohibition of Weapons on School Grounds 3411
Threats of Violence in Schools 3412
Code of Conduct on School Property 3413
Uniform Violent and Disruptive Incident System 3430
Series 4000 - Administration print series
Administration Index 4000
Administrative Personnel 4110
Administrative Organization and Operation 4210
Organizational Chart 4211
Administrative Authority During Absence of the Superintendent of Schools 4220
Evaluation of the Superintendent and Other Administrative Staff 4230
Superintendent of Schools 4310
Superintendent-Board of Education Relations 4320
Professional Development Opportunities 4410
Compensation and Related Benefits 4420
Series 5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations print series
Non-Instructional Business Operations Index 5000
Budget Planning and Development 5110
School District Budget Hearing 5120
Budget Adoption 5130
Administration of the Budget 5140
Contingency Budget 5150
District Investments 5210
Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Bequests to the School District 5220
School Tax Assessment and Collection 5230
Property Tax Exemptions 5231
Sale and Disposal of School District Property 5240
Reserve Funds 5250
Corporate Sponsorships 5260
Bonding of Employees and School Board Members 5310
Expenditures of School District Funds 5320
Use of the District Cell Phone 5322
Reimbursement for Meals/Refreshments 5323
Budget Transfers 5330
Borrowing of Funds 5340
Purchasing 5410
Contracting for Professional Services 5411
Consultant/Independent Contractor 5412
Contracts for Instruction 5413
Use of the District Credit Card 5420
Travel Expenses 5430
Accounting of Funds 5510
Reserve Funds 5511
Electronic Transactions 5512
Extraclassroom Activities Fund 5520
Petty Cash Funds and Cash in School Buildings 5530
Publication of the District's Annual Financial Statement 5540
Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title I Programs) 5550
Use of Federal Funds for Political Expenditures 5560
Financial Accountability 5570
Allegations of Fraud 5571
Audit Committee 5572
Internal Audit Function 5573
Insurance 5610
Inventories 5620
Accounting of Fixed Assets 5621
Facilities: Inspection, Operation and Maintenance 5630
Hazardous Waste and Handling of Toxic Substances by Employees 5631
Comprehensive Public School Building Safety Program (RESCUE) 5632
Naming/Renaming School Facilities 5633
Use of Surveillance Cameras in the School District 5634
Use of School District Trademarks and Service Marks 5635
Smoking/Tobacco Use 5640
Energy/Water Conservation and Recycling of Solid Waste 5650
School Food Service Program (Lunch and Breakfast) 5660
Records Management 5670
Disposal of Consumer Report Information and Records 5671
Safety and Security 5680
School Safety Plans 5681
Crisis Response (Post Incident Response) 5682
Fire Drills, Bomb Threats and Bus Emergency Drills 5683
Anthrax and Other Biological Terrorism: Prevention Protocols/Protocols 5684
Cardiac Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) in Public School Facilities 5686
Information Security Breach and Notification 5687
School Building Access Control 5688
Exposure Control Program 5690
Communicable Diseases 5691
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Related Illnesses 5692
Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act 5693
Pest Management and Pesticide Control 5694
Transportation Program 5710
Idling School Buses on School Grounds 5711
Scheduling and Routing 5720
Transportation of Students 5730
Transportation to Child Care Locations 5731
Charter Trips 5732
Transportation in Child Safety Zones 5733
Use of Buses by Community Groups 5740
School Bus Safety 5750
Qualifications of Bus Drivers 5760
Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers and Other Safety-Sensitive Employees 5761
Medicaid Compliance Plan 5800
Series 6000 - Personnel print series
Personnel Index 6000
Code of Ethics for Board Members and All District Personnel 6110
Equal Employment Opportunity 6120
Sexual Harassment of District Personnel 6121
Employee Grievances 6122
Evaluation of Personnel: Purposes 6130
Health Examinations 6140
Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances (School Personnel) 6150
Acceptable Internet/Email Use 6153
Use of Electronic Communication in the School District 6154
Professional Growth with Staff Development 6160
Conference/Travel Expense Reimbursement 6161
Registration and Professional Development 6162
Safety of Students (Fingerprinting Clearance of New Hires) 6170
Determination of Employment Status: Employee or Independent Contractor 6180
Certified Personnel 6210
Recruitment 6211
Certification and Qualifications 6212
Probation and Tenure 6213
Disciplining of a Tenured Teacher or Certified Personnel 6213.1
Professional Staff: Separation 6214
Employment of Relatives of Board of Education Members 6215
Temporary Personnel 6220
Mentoring Programs for First Year Teachers 6230
Appointment - Support Staff 6310
Employment of Teacher Aides 6320
School Bus Monitors and Attendants 6330
Employee Personal Identifying Information 6421
Employee Activities 6430
Theft of Service or Property 6440
Jury Duty 6450
Staff Use of Computerized Information Resources 6460
Identification Badges 6470
Health Insurance 6510
Workers' Compensation 6520
Payroll Deductions 6530
Payroll Procedures 6531
Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and Employees 6540
Damage to Employee Property 6541
Leaves of Absence 6550
Family and Medical Leave Act 6551
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 6560
Military Leave of Absence 6570
Series 7000 - Students print series
Students Index 7000
Comprehensive Student Attendance 7110
Regional Summer School 7111
Age of Entrance 7120
Diagnostic Screening of Students 7121
Release Time of Students 7122
Entitlement to Attend - Age and Residency 7130
Non-Resident Students 7131
Foreign Exchange Student Progam 7132
Education of Homeless Children and Youth 7133
Involuntary Transfer of Students 7140
School Census 7150
Designation of Person in Parental Relation 7160
Student Evaluation 7210
Provision of Interpreter Services to Parents Who are Hearing Impaired 7211
Graduation Requirements 7220
Diploma and/or Credential Options for Students with Disabilities 7222
Make-Up Credit Programs for High School Students 7223
Dual Credit for College Courses 7230
Student Records: Access and Challenge 7240
Release of Information to the Non-Custodial Parent 7241
Limited Disclosure of Student Directory Information 7242
Student Privacy, Parental Access to Information, and Administration of Certain Physical Examinations to Minors 7250
School Conduct and Discipline 7310
Loss or Destruction of District Property or Resources 7311
Student Dress Code 7312
Suspension of Students 7313
Student Use of Computerized Information Resources 7314
Bullying: Peer Abuse in the Schools 7315
Student Use of Personal Technology 7316
Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Other Substances (Students) 7320
Searches and Interrogations 7330
Bus Rules and Regulations 7340
Corporal Punishment 7350
Weapons in the School and the Gun-Free Schools Act 7360
Gun-Free Schools Policy 7361
Extracurricular Activities 7410
Censorship of School Sponsored Student Publications and Activities 7411
Academic Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities 7412
Chaperones 7413
Scheduling of Student Activities 7414
Sports and the Athletic Program 7420
Hilton Central School District Interscholastic Athletic Philosophy 7421
Certified Athletic Trainer 7422
Contests for Students, Student Awards and Scholarships 7430
Musical Instruments 7440
Fundraising by Students 7450
Constitutionally Protected Prayer in the Public Schools 7460
Employment of Students of Minor Age 7470
District Wellness 7510
Immunization of Students 7511
Student Physicals 7512
Administration of Medication 7513
Health Records 7514
Students With Life Threatening Health Conditions 7515
School Health Services 7516
Head Lice 7517
Accidents and Medical Emergencies 7520
Students With Life Threatening Allergies 7521
Child Abuse and Maltreatment 7530
Complaints and Grievances by Students 7540
Sexual Harassment of Students 7541
Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) 7550
Notification of Sex Offenders 7551
Student Gender Identity 7552
Safe Public School Choice Option to Students who are Victims of a Violent Criminal Offense 7570
Military Recruiters' Access to Secondary School Students and Information on Students 7580
Suicide Prevention and Intervention 7590
Special Education: District Plan 7610
Children with Disabilities 7611
Grouping by Similarity of Needs 7612
The Role of the Board of Education in Implementing a Student's Individualized Education Program 7613
Preschool Special Education Program 7614
Least Restrictive Environment 7615
Pre-referral Intervention Strategies in General Education (Prior to a Referral for Special Education) 7616
Declassification of Students with Disabilities 7617
Transfer Students with Disabilities 7618
Provision of Special Education Services to Non Public School Students with Disabilities Who Are Parentally Placed 7619
Students With Disabilities Participating in School District Programs 7620
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 7621
Appointment and Training of Committee on Special Education (CSE)/Subcommittee on Special Education Members 7631
Appointment and Training of Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) Members 7632
Student Individualized Education Program (IEP): Development and Provision 7640
Transition Services 7641
Extended School Year (July/August) Services 7642
Provision of Individualized Education Program (IEP) 7643
Identification and Register of Children with Disabilities (Child Find) 7650
Parental Involvement for Children with Disabilities 7660
Impartial Due Process Hearings/Selection of Impartial Hearing Officers 7670
Independent Educational Evaluations 7680
Special Education Mediation 7690
Students Presumed to Have a Disability for Discipline Purposes 7710
Supervision of Students 7951
Series 8000 - Instruction print series
Instruction Index 8000
Curriculum Development and Evaluation 8110
Request for Part 100 Variance or Part 200 Innovative Program Waiver from Commissioner's Regulations 8120
Equal Educational Opportunities 8130
School Improvement 8140
Safety Conditions and Programs 8210
Prevention Instruction 8211
Animals in the School (Instructional Purposes) 8212
Career and Technical (Occupational) Education 8220
Guidance Program 8230
Instructional Programs: Driver Education, Gifted and Talented Education and Physical Education 8240
Patriotism, Citizenship and Human Rights Education 8241
Evaluation of the Instructional Program 8250
Programs and Projects Funded by Title I 8260
Title I Parent Involvement Policy 8261
Instructional Technology 8270
Children's Internet Protection Act: Internet Content Filtering/Safety 8271
Acceptable District Computer Services Use 8272
Instruction for English Language Learners 8280
Selection of Library and Multimedia Materials 8310
Objection to Instructional Materials 8320
Controversial Issues 8321
Textbooks/Workbooks/Calculators 8330
Use of Copyrighted Materials 8340
Religious Expression in the Public Schools 8350
School Calendar and School Day 8410
Emergency School Closings: Extraordinary Condition Days/Student Attendance 8411
Opening Exercises 8420
Independent Study 8430
Home Tutoring (Temporary Instruction) 8440
Homework 8441
Instructional and Inter-Scholastic Field Trips 8450
Home Instruction (Home Schooling) 8460
Loan of Instructional Computer Hardware 8461
Class Size 8470