Need Technology Assistance?

Use one of the following methods...

  1. Staff and Students - Login with Google at to submit a ticket regarding your technology issue. 

  2. Parents/Guardians - Utilize this online form to submit a repair request for a student's device. A support technician will be providing follow-up communication through the email address associated with the ticket. You can directly reply to the ticket by replying to the email.

  3. Staff or Parents/Guardians - Call the Help Desk at ext. 7022. Please leave a message describing your issue, and a support technician will follow up with you. 


Technology Department Mission Statement

With proactive support and exceptional communication, the HCSD Technology Department enhances learning by facilitating ethical technology use and driving innovation. 

The Department of Technology is committed to supporting the HCSD vision by using innovation and discovery to foster purposeful learning. The department continuously works to advance technology to increase learning, as noted in the HCSD Strategic Plan.

Department of Technology:

FAX: (585) 392-1006
Kristy Shafer, Director of Technology
(585) 392-1000, ext. 6066
Deborah Kellman, Administrative Assistant

Network Team:

Josh Ennis, Network Administrator
Dan Sperber, Senior Network Technician
Marcella Todaro, Copy Center Clerk

Help Desk Team:

Justin Radford, Help Desk Manager
Alexander Barone, Network Technician
Christopher Paddon, Network Technician
Greg Benedict, Microcomputer Maintenance Technician
Nick Graham, Microcomputer Maintenance Technician
T.J. Wright, Microcomputer Maintenance Technician
Karen Frear, Computer Support Assistant
Joan Giordano, Computer Support Assistant

Instructional Support Team:

Jason Cring, Instructional Technology Support Specialist
Jacquelyn Gilmore, Instructional Technology Support Specialist
Jessica Thompson, Instructional Technology Support Specialist