Professional Learning & Training

The Hilton Board of Education, superintendent and leadership have committed to ongoing professional learning and support around Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity. In 2021, administrators attended training through the Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools at New York University via Zoom. This year, a group of Hilton teachers are attending training at Monroe 2 BOCES and two principals are being trained as facilitators. This professional development series fosters the development of educators’ ability to use race and culture to improve educational outcomes and supports educators’ engagement in a process of self-transformation in order to ensure equitable outcomes for every student.

Hilton CSD is a member of the Monroe 2 BOCES Regional Equity Network (REN) that provides a forum for leaders to examine and discuss the strategies, current trends, research, and best practices around equity in our schools and communities.

The work of the District Improvement Team (DIT) corresponds with that of the School Improvement Teams at each school. As DIT unpacks the CR-S Framework, districtwide and school-specific actions and strategies that support the district’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals will be implemented.