School Closings & Emergency Notification

The Hilton School District’s automated messaging system uses information from the Infinite Campus student information system to contact parents and guardians when there is an emergency school closing. Therefore, parents/guardians should make sure their contact information is correct. For help with Infinite Campus, click here.

The parent/guardian in the child’s primary household will be contacted at their home and cell phone numbers when there is a school closing or early dismissal. The information also will be posted to the district website, and local media will be notified. A message is placed on the district's main telephone number voicemail message, (585) 392-1000, as well.

The decision to close school in weather-related situations will normally be made no later than 6:30 a.m. in most cases, prior to the school buses being sent on the road. Please do not call the bus garage about closings. Those phone lines must be kept free for emergency calls, which is especially critical in bad weather.


After-School Activities

When schools are closed for weather-related conditions, all other activities including interscholastic sports, YMCA Child Care, sports practices, athletic events, the Aquatic Center, student activities, Community Education classes held in the district, and community-related classes and activities will be canceled. If after-school activities are canceled during the school day, information will be posted to the district website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and local media will be notified.


Early Dismissal . . . Have a Plan in Place and Be Sure to Communicate It to Your Children

In the event of an early dismissal of students during the school day due to loss of power, loss of water or other emergency situation, there are procedures in place to transport students home. Please make sure your child knows where to go in your neighborhood if the parent or caregiver is not at home. In addition, please check with your daycare provider about whether they can receive your child at unexpected times.