Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year Selection Process

Hilton teachers who have completed at least five years of service in the district are eligible to be nominated for Teacher of the Year. Members of the Hilton learning community are encouraged to nominate a deserving teacher based on their performance in the following areas:

  1. The candidate’s professional knowledge exhibited in the subject areas taught.

  2. The candidate’s professional ability to affect and effect a positive learning difference with the students they encounter.

  3. The candidate’s professional ability to work with colleagues and parents.

  4. The candidate’s personal commitment to their profession that endures beyond the minimum teaching day.

  5. The candidate is a current member of the Teachers’ Union - HCSTA.

The order listed above is not indicative of its importance; each category is of equal value to the Hilton Learning Community.

Candidates are represented by their nominator at a meeting in May, during which they present evidence of the above qualifications to the District Committee. Presenters may use oral presentations, a collection of letters/documents, prepare a video, etc. to inform the panel of their nominee’s accomplishments. After listening to presentations, individuals on the selection panel then score and rank the candidates, arriving at a final decision which is revealed on Opening Day of the following school year.

Nominations are due Friday, March 22, 2024. For further information, please contact Teacher of the Year Chairperson Sonja Volkmar at Northwood Elementary School, 433 North Greece Rd., Hilton, NY 14468; (585) 392-1000, ext. 4337.

Past Teacher of the Year Recipients

2023-24: Northwood Elementary Art Teacher Laurie Steele-Sperber
2022-23: Village Elementary Special Education Teacher Kathryn Caprino
2021-22: The Entire HCSTA Membership in recognition of their efforts during the pandemic
2020-21: The Entire HCSTA Membership in recognition of their efforts during the pandemic
2019-20: Merton Williams Middle School Math Teacher Robert Berg 
2018-19: Hilton High School Math Teacher Kendrick Krause
2017-18: Northwood Elementary School Teacher Barbara Richardson
2016-17: Quest Library Media Specialist Stephanie Harney
2015-16: Hilton High School Teacher Leah Oltean
2014-15: Quest Elementary School Teacher Carol Jones
2013-14: Merton Williams Middle School Teacher Steve Cudzilo
2012-13: Merton Williams Middle School Teacher Pamela Tenny
2011-12: Northwood Elementary School Teacher Patricia Mee
2010-11: Quest Elementary School Teacher Greg Booth
2009-10: Northwood Elementary School Teacher Cheryl Lee
2008-09: Quest Elementary School Teacher Nancy Johnstone
2007-08: Village Elementary School Teacher Charles Palella
2006-07: Hilton High School Teacher Linda Bohrer
2005-06: Village Elementary School Teacher Ed Donnelly
2004-05: Merton Williams Middle School Teacher Marcia Sheremeta