Public School Registration

Before you begin the online registration, please gather the following documents and scan them to your computer so you can upload them during the registration process. 

  1. Parent/Guardian Photo ID

  2. Proof of Residency: Commissioner’s Regulation § 100.2(y) requires that individuals requesting enrollment prove that they are residents of the District. You will need to provide two or more forms of documentation to show current residency within District boundaries. For a list of acceptable documents, please see below.

  3. Proof of Age: Your child’s birth certificate, passport or baptismal record. If you don’t have any of these, you can use other documents if you have had them for at least two years. For a list of acceptable documents, please see below.

  4. Custody Document

  5. Home Language Questionnaire: click here to download form.

  6. Health Examination Form: click here for more information.

  7. Proof of Lead Screening (for UPK students only): This is usually found on the Health Appraisal form, but if your doctor did not complete that section, please ask them for documentation that your son/daughter had their lead screening.

  8. Immunization Record: For NYS immunization requirements, click here; for additional information.

  9. Report Card/Transcript from last school attended.

  10. IEP/504 Plan.

  11. Record Release Form: click here to download form.

  12. Kindergarten Questionnaire (for kindergarten students only): click here to download form.

To view tip sheets for scanning and signing the required documents check below for information.

If you HAVE a Campus Parent Portal account click the icon below, then click More, then Online Registration.

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 If you do NOT have a Campus Parent Portal account, click the icon below to register online. 

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Your registration is not complete until the registration and all documentation has been approved by the Census/District Registrar. When saving PDF document, the "save" and "save as" feature do not work all the time. Please select "print" and then "print/save as PDF" to save the document.

For questions about residency or other registration requirements, please e-mail the Central Registration Office or call (585) 392-1000, ext 7031.