Food Service

MISSION: To make available to each student every day an appetizing, affordable breakfast and lunch to provide nutrients for the body and mind so each may attain success in all areas of growth; physically, socially, emotionally and academically.

Scott Ziobrowski

Scott Ziobrowski

Scott Ziobrowski, Food Service Director
(585) 392-1000, ext. 2152

FAX: (585) 392-1080

Donna Ziegler

Donna Ziegler

Donna Ziegler, Administrative Assistant
(585) 392-1000, ext. 2151


Cafeteria Managers:

Hilton High School - Michelle Ottman, (585) 392-1000, ext. 2139
Merton Williams Middle School - Linda Goodwin, (585) 392-1000, ext. 3119
Northwood Elementary School - Gina Fair, (585) 392-1000, ext. 4536
Quest Elementary School - Kathy Baechle, (585) 392-1000, ext. 6067
Village Elementary School - Suzanne Anten, (585) 392-1000, ext. 5183

Farm to School/Locally NY

Farm to School programs help to support local farm livelihoods; strengthen regional food systems; connect members of the community through food and farming; and provide fresh, local, healthy lunches to students so that they can engage with their environment, learn and develop healthy lifestyle habits. Hilton Central School District Food Service is committed to bringing as many locally sourced products into the food service program as possible. Products, such as dairy, fruits, vegetables and even locally sourced beef from NY, are incorporated into K-12 programs across the country. This page provides examples of, and recipes and nutritional information for what we currently use at HCSD. Please feel free to contact the Food Service Department at 392-1000, ext. 2151 for more information.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Starting September 6, 2023, meal prices will be as follows: K-12 breakfast, $1.80; K-12 lunch, $3.00.

If you applied for free and reduced-price meals in 2022-2023 and were approved, your child will receive benefits until October 17, 2023. A new 2023-24 application must be submitted and approved to receive benefits after that date. The new application will be mailed to district families within the district calendar by August and will also be available online in mid-July. Paper copies will be available at all schools starting in late August.

For more information, please call Administrative Assistant Donna Ziegler at 392-1000, ext. 2151 or Director of Food Service Scott Ziobrowski at 392-1000, ext. 2152.

My School Bucks

Message from MySchoolBucks About Supplemental Program Fee Notice

Due to rising payment processing interchange fees and continued increases in operational costs, we’re updating the MySchoolBucks program fee that parents and guardians pay at checkout to $3.25 for all cafeteria credit/debit card prepayments beginning on March 7, 2024. If your district accepts e-checks, the program fee for electronic check payments will increase to $2.75 per meal payment on the same date. This adjustment to our program fee for school meals is necessary to continue providing families with the best and most secure online payment experience, while continuing to maintain the highest levels of data privacy.

The program fee is designed to cover the costs of providing a variety of items, including payment processing costs, live parent and school support, compliance and information security requirements, as well as the software used to manage meal payments.

We recognize that fee updates during the school year can be disruptive, but we can no longer absorb these cost increases without negatively affecting the service we provide. Our intent for increasing our program fee is to be less impactful to families than a one-time fee.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact our MySchoolBucks Admin Support team at 800.803.6755.

Thank you,

To register:

  1. Go to and click on the link to "Register For A Free Account."

  2. Select the state as New York and the school district as Hilton Central School District.

  3. Complete the screens to setup your account.

  4. When your account is completed, there will be a link on the "Getting started" screen to look up your child. You will need to select the school, enter your child's first and last name and input their student ID number.

Student ID numbers/Lunch ID numbers where printed on the schedules students received at the start of school. If you can't locate your student's ID number, please contact our office at (585) 392-1000, ext. 2152 or 2151.