Rules of Conduct & Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Meetings begin typically at 7 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. The Executive Sessions will typically be held prior to the public sessions.

  • The Board Officers and Superintendent create the meeting agendas. Any Board member may add agenda items with the consent of the majority during a meeting. Agenda items for future meetings can be requested with the consent of the majority of the Board. The Board will utilize a consent agenda. The agenda format will be reviewed regularly.

  • There will be a presentation on educational initiatives, programs, and school activities at most meetings.

  • Requests for information items requiring substantial staff background work must be accepted by a majority of the Board in open sessions.

  • Action items requiring time for review and public input will be submitted for a first reading and approved at a future business meeting. Some items in this category are textbook approvals, policy revisions, and curriculum approvals.

  • All requests for information on district operations go through the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Assistant Superintendent for Business, or the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.  Exceptions to this shall be by the majority of the Board.

  • It is the responsibility of Board members who sit on committees to formally report to the full Board any discussions and actions from those meetings.

Board Etiquette

  • We will assume good intentions.

  • We will reserve judgment.

  • We will listen empathetically.

  • We will stay focused on content and seek clarity when needed.

  • We consider all questions that arise on a basis of what is best for the youth in our district.

  • We attend meetings of the Board and assigned committees as Board Representatives.

  • We understand that we have no power or authority as individual members; that only the Board as a whole can make policies and decisions for the school district.

  • The Board and Administrative Team are respectful to one another and the audience at all times.

  • The Board has one official spokesperson, the President. Media relations are the job of the President and the Superintendent.

  • The Board and Administrative Team will operate under the rule of “No Surprises.”

  • The Board of Education Etiquette and Standard Operating Procedures will be reviewed and revised as necessary, at least annually.

  • Board members will take no private action that would compromise the Board or administration and will respect the confidentiality of privileged information.

  • We will not take differences personally but understand that diversity of perspective is important to the decision-making process.

  • We will be true to the operations and etiquette of the board and will use these tenets to guide us in fulfilling our governance responsibilities.