French Honor Society Inductees

In a ceremony held the evening of Nov. 30 at Hilton High School auditorium, 21 students were inducted into the Hispanic Honor Society and French Honor Society. “Our goal in creating a Hilton chapter of these honor societies was to recognize this prestigious group of students who has shown a deep interest in other languages and cultures,” said Michele Ariola, Hispanic Honor Society advisor.

To qualify, students must maintain an 88 percent average or higher in their high school language courses and complete an application that includes a personal statement addressing why they wish to be considered for admission, as well as their thoughts about the importance of knowing another language and understanding other cultures.

The Hispanic Honor Society was founded by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in 1953, for the students of North American secondary schools. The society’s motto is “Todos a Una” which means “All together or “All as one.”

The French Honor Society was founded by the American Association of the Teachers of French in 1949. The society’s motto is “L’homme qui sait deux langues en vaut deux” which means, “Someone who knows two languages is worth two people.”

Principal Dr. Jeffrey Green called the inductees’ names and they lit candles one by one before reciting the oaths of the Hispanic and French Honor Societies. The candles represent the promise to use French and Spanish to promote international friendship, service and unity within the school and community; and symbolize the efforts to better oneself, one’s school and one’s community.

“As an International Baccalaureate school and district, we embrace the opportunity to be global minded in our studies and in our appreciation of others,” said Green.

The Hispanic Honor Society inductees are: Maria Beghini, Christina Bettin, Chloé Cardone, Kathryn Helms, Aiden Hryhorenko, Regina Johnson Bronte Jones, Elizabeth Kent, Luke Manley, Eva Migitskiy, Shawn Nordstrom, David Padoleski, Grace Scottow, and Ella Spillman.

The French Honor Society inductees are: McKenna Goodrich, Elizabeth Hassett, Blake Mott, Lucy Murphy, Joan Reichert, Abby Teal, Grace Turner, and Elise Woods.