Cadet Intentional Values

At its Jan. 23 meeting, the Board of Education adopted a set of Cadet Intentional Values that will replace the district's mission and vision statements. "We continue to move forward in our work to improve organizational culture as part of our five-year Strategic Plan," said Superintendent Dr. Casey Kosiorek. "This organizational culture includes the development of intentional values using the input we collected from students, teachers, and community members."

The intentional values will be embedded into every aspect of district operations. For example, the district will hire, teach, and build budgets based on these values; and support students, staff, and community members in becoming these values.

"The goal in replacing the mission and vision is to have authentic values that sincerely resonate with people - articulate, explicitly stated values that glue and connect our entire learning community," added Kosiorek.  "It is important that our intentional values are understood on a personal level by everyone in our organization and community."