2 girls holding postcards to soldiers

Eighth graders in Sarah Boily’s and Jaime Kurmis’ classes took a trip back in time this week when they examined genuine WWII artifacts. Students worked in groups looking at the artifacts and other sources, then compared WWII topics with modern ideas. For example, students compared the benefits of conservation and victory gardens during WWII to those of conservation and community gardens today.

Afterward, students created a small project having to do with bettering our community using modernized versions of the tactics used during WWII. The projects included planting a vegetable seed and writing a letter advocating for the need for a community garden; planting a tree seed and writing a letter advocating for conservation and recycling; writing a postcard to a soldier and thanking them for their service; or creating three Instagram posts that could be used as positive propaganda to make change in our society.

Many thanks to Charmy Perry for donating the artifacts to the Social Studies Department.